Welcome to Gleam Power Systems

India is faced with the challenge of sustaining its rapid economic growth; in addition it has to deal with concerns and threats of climate change. In fact, it is everyone's duty to contribute in reducing the GHG (Green House Gas) intensity of the economy by improving energy efficiency in all sectors while enhancing ecological sustainability leading to mitigation of green house gas emissions extensively.

In today’s state of affairs, every organization faces variety of energy challenges and issues due to the complexities of the Business operation in the current environment.  Gleam Power Systems, pitch in to address these with innovative approaches and comprehensive energy efficient solution.

Our Solutions

Our Mission

  • Combine sustainable growth strategy for environment profits through
  • Implementing renewable solar energy system
  • Contribute in mitigation of the Green House Gas (GHG) emission
  • Adoption of energy efficiency system resulting in cost benefits
  • Innovative energy solution to enhance socio-economic development 
  • Create conducive conditions to private/public/community participation
  • Delighting customer by delivering value in each projects